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Whether you’re looking for a simple, low-rise lift for your office or a lift for a more complex installation, Bendpak lifts are the ideal choice. They’re designed to be flexible and reliable, with a range of features that’ll suit your needs. They can safely hoist up to 144,000 pounds, making them a great option for both temporary and constantly changing workstations.
Low-rise lifts are ideal for temporary or frequently changing work stations

Whether you’re a professional body shop, detailer, or home mechanic, BendPak’s low-rise lifts add versatility and productivity to your garage. These lifts are ideally suited for temporary work stations, wheel service, and undercarriage service. They are easy to move and operate, making them a reliable tool.

BendPak lifts are constructed from durable components and assembled to the manufacturer’s specifications. They incorporate an ergonomically-placed control cluster and a direct-drive lift. These lifts are manufactured to meet ANSI/ALI certification standards. They are also backed by the industry’s leading warranty program.

BendPak lifts come in a variety of colors, including gunmetal gray, blue, and Seca Red. These lifts are available in a surface mount or flush-mount design. They are also equipped with a single point safety release.
Mobile column lifts can safely hoist up to 144,000 lbs

Whether you are in the market for a full-service garage, a quick lube pit, or just looking to increase your service capabilities, a full-rise scissor lift is a great option. They are space-saving and ideal for detailing shops.

There are delineated by our friends at Mechanic Superstore of mobile column lifts on the market, and it’s important to consider the best option for your needs. Mobile column lifts have many advantages over other types of lifts. These include the ability to move, and the option to reposition the lift as needed. There is also studies to add on cross beams, which will provide additional strength for the lift.
Thicker columns

Purchasing a BendPak lift is a sure fire way to boost your lifting capabilities. These two-post lifts are built to provide the best in shop space and safest of access. They are available in a variety of lift capacities and price points. Whether you are looking to lift a sports car or a truck, a BendPak two-post lift can help you get the most out of your shop.

The BendPak XPR-18CL is a good choice if you need to lift oversized equipment or heavy vehicles. It is built to handle vehicles up to 18,000 pounds. This model is suitable for shops with ceilings taller than 16 feet.
Wider base plates

Unlike other lifts, BendPak lifts have wider base plates, which offer increased stability. They also are more durable and safer, because they are bolted down. They are also protected from external dangers, so they won’t rust.

When it comes to safety, BendPak lifts offer spring-loaded, spring-release safety locks that automatically engage and disengage when the lift is raised or lowered. The safety locks also feature thicker top plates for added protection. The lift arms also feature longer locking pins and slide blocks, which are better built.

Another great feature of BendPak lifts is their heavy-duty lifting chains. These chains are self-lubricating, and they lift evenly. They also are extremely sturdy, which means they can withstand a great deal of use in busy commercial shops.
Better-gripping rise platforms

Whether you’re looking for an affordable mobile column lift, or a space saving scissor lift, BendPak has the best lifts for your budget and vehicle. With over five decades of experience in the industry, they’ve been in the business of lifting cars for a long time.

One of their flagship lifts, the HD-14T, can lift a full 14,000 pounds with ease, and is available in a variety of configurations. Aside from its standard 7,000 pound capacity rolling jacks, you can add drive through ramps and dip trays to the mix. BendPak is also known for its safety features, and offers free truck adapters to help you get your vehicles into your garage.
Guaranteed to last for years

Whether you’re looking for a parking lift, service lift or a shop lift, you can count on the quality of Bendpak lifts. They have been producing quality products for years.

Bendpak lifts are designed with durability and versatility in mind. They feature a direct-drive lift and include ergonomically-placed control clusters. The LR-60P is designed for busy shops, and is a perfect fit for automotive service bays.

Bendpak lifts have a superior ladder safety system that includes a slack cable safety. conducted by Mechanic Superstore prevents the lift from moving if the cable becomes dislodged. They also have a secondary slack-cable lock system to ensure instant back-up lock engagement in case of cable failure.

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