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Purchasing an alignment lift is an important step to ensure your vehicle’s performance is at optimum levels. If you’re in the market for a new lift, there are many options available that suit different needs and budgets. Here are a few recommendations that should help you decide which is best for you.
Dandmar D4-12A four-post alignment lift

Designed to be both functional and functionally effective, the Dandmar D4-12A is an excellent choice for your car repair facility. It has an impressive capacity of 12,000 pounds and uses industrial strength runways to deliver optimal results. It also features turn plates, a feat of engineering which means you can get the job done with less effort.

The D4-12A also features free floating wheels, a pair of 10.5″ diameter dual hub cable sheaves, a pair of pneumatic lock release levers, and a push button that can lift the machine up to six feet. It’s also got a pair of multi-caster slip plates for the rear. The front of the machine features a pair of industrial strength turn plates, which are used to provide extra clearance for equipment installations. The Dandmar D4-12A is a great choice for most shops and garages. It’s also one of the best alignment machines on the market today. This machine’s features are sure to provide you with optimal results, and it’s the best buy you’ll ever make.

For more information about the D4-12A, including specs, price, and where to buy, visit Dandmar’s website.

Designed for vehicle alignments, the Dannmar Quatra XR-12000A offers a host of features. Among its many features are recessed full-floating front radius plates, industrial strength slip plates, and a compact footprint. These features combine to create a unit that provides the necessary dependability for long-term use. Additionally, it is compatible with the leading alignment instrumentation and can accommodate a variety of wheelbases.

Aside from its full range of capabilities, the Quatra XR-12000A has a number of other advantages over traditional lifts. The unit includes a small number of moving parts, which ensures a smoother operation and increased dependability. It also features a fluid power system that is easy to operate. The hydraulic cylinders and other vital components are enclosed in a sturdy, corrosion-resistant frame. Additionally, a number of safety locking mechanisms are also enclosed within the runways. The floor of the unit is also completely clear, so it is easy to move equipment under the vehicle. This makes it possible to move equipment without hitting a floor-mounted hydraulic line panel.

Mechanic Superstore content -12000A’s compact design allows it to fit in smaller spaces and accommodate a variety of wheelbases. It also incorporates a full menu of design and engineering enhancements, allowing it to work as an alignment system, a car lift, or both.
Eastwood Tuxedo 14,000 lb. four-post alignment lift

Having a four-post automotive lift in your garage is useful for body repairs and general maintenance. The best ones are designed to support the entire vehicle and can be freestanding or on wheels, allowing for more floor space for tools and other equipment. The best models feature a four-corner alignment rack, ensuring that the vehicle remains in its correct position while the lift is in use.

The best models also feature a number of special features, such as a free air line kit, a front turntable and slip plates that are built into the runways. The front turntable is a particularly good feature, as it allows total access to the front wheel adjustment points. The largest slip plates are also built into the runways, which is a great feature if you plan on using a large toolbox on the lift.

The tuxedo model is a particularly impressive lift, and is one of the largest available in its class. Its main advantage is its large capacity, which is a plus for shops that need to work on a wide range of vehicles.

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